New Kid on the Block

Well good grief if it hasn’t taken me days to figure all this out.  I’m sure in the upcoming days, I’ll be changing things around as I figure out the basics to webdesign.  As if coming up with a name isn’t hard enough, I now have to figure out how to lay this whole thing out.  Speaking of names, I did some Google-ling per a fellow blogger’s suggestions to see if there are any interesting things to cleverly play with my name, Courtney.  Turns out – there’s nothing out there in the Internet world other than Courteney Cox (and all of her divorce issues) and Courtney Love (now THERE’S someone to be associated with).  However, I did come across this article about my name.  All I have to say is – I KNEW IT!  Courtney is always the girl to lead the wolves in the attack on the new weaker girls; she’s the head biatch, which is basically what this article agrees with also.  She’s the one who always dies first in the scary movies and books and she always gets what’s coming to her (which usually is something terrible).  Although I personally have to disagree with my name being one of the “popular” girls, I do totally agree with the whole teacher judgment on names.  As I read my class rosters, I definitely find myself trying to figure out what in the world some parents were thinking.  Did you really need that silent “J” at the beginning of a name?  I can also see trends in names and now know exactly what NOT to name my future children.  Some names now give me nightmares.

Side note – I’ve been known to lose track of what I was talking about.

Another side note – There’s a stack of papers that have been calling my name to be graded for a couple of days now.  I (unintentionally?  Sure, let’s stay positive here…) put grading off ALL THE TIME.  I have a feeling that I put more into grading the essays than they put in writing them.  Grr.

Alas, productivity beckons me…after dinner and some trashy tv.


2 thoughts on “New Kid on the Block

  1. I was just talking to an elementary school teacher the other day, she was saying she was SO GLAD she had kids early in her teaching carrier because she’s been teaching so long she’s had a “bad” association with just about every name in the book. HA!

    And you KNOW spelling must be out of control when people ask me how to spell my name. KIM. I didn’t know there were other ways to spell it?!

  2. I was going to leave a comment that teachers REPEATEDLY screwed up my name — anywhere from “Sarha” (?!) to “Susannahrah” (…?) — but Kim takes the cake. DUDE, THREE LETTERS.

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