**Insert Fist Pump Here**

There’s nothing better than your boss telling you that you’re awesome at your job. Nothing better. It is a complete ego boost and it starts to make me wonder if I could stay here (in this school, in this classroom, teaching these subjects) forever. The fulfillment I get from teaching is indescribable. I’m sure many of you find this warm fuzzy feeling from whatever job you do, so please know I do not live in a box where I think this is the only fulfilling job out there. However, I do know that it’s the only fulfilling job out there for me.

Last year when pro-ration was at an all time high, I graduated from graduate school with absolutely no hopes of getting a job. Every door that I thought was starting to creak open, promptly shut in face. This resulted in many a night crying in my husband’s lap as I lamented about the future. In my mind, if I couldn’t find a job, then graduate school (which equals time and money!) was a waste. Our big discussion about kids then came up because if I didn’t have a job, and school had already started, then we would take the opportunity to start a family.

But then, truly by the grace of God, I ended up going to drop off my resume (at the relentless encouragement of a friend), being interviewed on the spot (thank heavens I looked nice!), and being offered the job a few days later (even though the principal already had someone else in mind).  I cannot believe that all of that was coincidence because there were too many puzzle pieces to put together in too perfect of a time frame.

Now, J and I are getting older and starting to figure out when we want to start a family.  We set a date, which will hopefully remain a secret because I really don’t want people to know just in case it doesn’t come easily for us.  Considering J comes from a family of 6 kids, I have a feeling that fertility won’t be a problem for him.  So we are starting this huge decision about me staying at home versus working.  I don’t know how I would be able to handle the stress of working all day, and then going home and worrying about cooking and cleaning the house.  I’m sure in the future, there will be more posts about this because I truly am torn about the subject.  I am concerned about the benefit of the child, but honestly, I’m concerned about the benefits for me.  A baby can do its thing at a babysitter’s house just as it can at my house.  But will I be able to handle it all?


3 thoughts on “**Insert Fist Pump Here**

  1. I’ll tell you the funny thing, having gone back and forth several times. The hardest thing on the kids about being with a SAHM? Is they don’t learn things the way they do in a classroom. Like holding a crayon, or using scissors. Wes struggles with that stuff more than Nikki b/c he was home with me and something about learning with your peers makes it easier. Isn’t that funny? Most people see daycare as a negative side of being at work, I saw it as a positive b/c the Group Think thing helped so much during those basic skills periods.

    BUT – either way? You’ll be awesome. And if you ever find a solid answer? Let me know – because going back and forth? Still not exactly sure which is better.

    Also – I was just talking to my sister-in-law tonight about how I wish I could find a job that made me feel like I was making a positive change on the world somehow during the day. I hate that my job feels like such a waste, in general, to the world. Isn’t that funny?

    • I totally support group thinking, which is ultimately why I believe people should send their kids to school and not home school them. But how young is too young to send them? I think 3 is a good age to start full time preschool and getting them to be socialized and everything.

      I don’t have the solid answer – YOU’RE supposed to have the answers!! Eeek!

      I don’t think your job, or any job really, is a waste. I mean, everyone has to do their part to make the world go round.

  2. 1) Homeschooling – not a fan. Play your part, and improve the masses if you don’t like the system.

    2) Honey, you’re going to be an amazing mom, regardless of which path you take. And the grass is ALWAYS greener, so just beware of fertilizer.

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