Funky Monkey

Hey that reminds me that I would like to eat some ice cream.  Mmmm, I love Ben and Jerry’s even though I know it is completely terrible for me.  Joel and I went to Vermont a few summers ago for a friend’s wedding.  At first I was annoyed that she was from Vermont because it’s a pain to get there.  We flew into Albany, NY and then had to rent a car (which Joel actually had to do since I wasn’t 25 yet) to drive to Vermont.  Besides the traveling pains, it was one of the best vacations we’ve ever taken.  Vermont is gorgeous!  There is such a friendly, go-green, community vibe to entire state.  It’s pretty amazing.  Anyway, while we were there, we made sure to take a visit to the Ben and Jerry’s Factory, which might be a gateway to Heaven.  Filled with energetic children and adults alike, the host of our tour kept telling us about the factory while inserting fantastic puns from her memorized script.  I’m always a fan of a good pun.

Speaking of chocolate (look I was just talking about ice cream so it makes sense…sorta), yesterday was a MONDAY.  Mondays usually aren’t too mean to me but yesterday, Monday decided to kick me in the face.  It was the kind of day where you scratch and rub at a spot (definitely NOT on my cleavage) thinking/hoping it’s chocolate and after rubbing it….I realize it’s a freckle.  Sigh.  You know you’ve had a Monday when your scratching your freckles and hoping they’re chocolate.

I hosted a Super Bowl party for the wives and children of Joel’s Fantasy Football League.  By having the children (and some wives) out of the way, the guys could actually watch the game.  So a few weeks ago, thanks to Southern Savers, I saw a notice that Jello was giving away Jiggler Football molds.  I signed up, with the promise that Jello would send 2 trays in a few weeks.  They came in last week with color instructions (YES! – because how in the world I was going to make black jello?) and after hoping and chilling, the jigglers came out perfectly!  How cute are these????

I hope those pictures show up.

Maybe it’s because of the Super Bowl that I didn’t get my full weekend of rest.  I mean from the get-go on Saturday I was running around like crazy.  Did I mention that I set off the alarm at my school?  Yeah, it really sets a tone for the rest of the weekend having “INTRUDER – CALL THE POLICE!!” being screamed at all corners.  I told my principal that I just wanted to spice up his weekend – didn’t want to allow him to have a dull morning.  But really, doesn’t every principal wish their teachers were (able to remember to take the papers on Friday after school) willing to come to school on a Saturday morning to retrieve papers to grade (even though it sets off the alarm)?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.


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