Coffee is NOT working

Every morning I wake up and slowly sip a cup of coffee as I ease my way into first block, and ultimately into the day.  I just started this coffee love after Christmas, which is when Joel bought me a Keurig.  I don’t drink a pot of coffee, mainly because I don’t have the time to drink a pot of coffee, but wow, I love a nice cup of coffee.  Lately though, the coffee ain’t working.  At 2:00 I’m ready to snuggle up with a blanket on the tile floor and sleep my way through my planning period.  I don’t know what my deal is.  Last semester I drank a Diet Mountain Dew every morning beginning in break and bleeding over into second block.  It was the perfect little pep to my morning and, really, it was the only way I got through the day.  If caffeine was available for intravenous use, I’d do it.  In a heartbeat.  Sure carrying the IV around might look ridiculous but if it meant I had enough energy in the day, it’d be worth it.

My point in all of this is that I need a coffee education.  I don’t know the difference between roasts and boldness, what I should be drinking, and does it all even matter since I put 2 sweet-n-lows and creamer in my coffee anyway?  I have a Keurig so I try to buy those little K-cups.  What should I be looking for?   It’s taken YEARS for me to start drinking coffee so now I need a lesson.

P.S. – after teaching my second block class for over 6 months now, they also now choose Diet Mountain Dew as their drink of choice at break (which yes, I allow them to bring in my class as long as it’s not distracting) AND they eat pretzels with peanut butter.  Who says a teacher’s influence stops before the stomach??

P.P.S – What, you haven’t eaten pretzels with peanut butter – specifically honey peanut butter?  Go out and buy some.  NOW.

My Morning Lover

Oh how I need you in the morning


3 thoughts on “Coffee is NOT working

  1. I can not live without my constant supply of Diet Cokes throughout my day. I drink two very wimpy cups of coffee in the morning (I’m probably scoffed at by “real” coffee drinkers) and I really need those to get my day going, but the rest of the day? Diet Coke by the DRUM. I swear. It’s so bad. If I try to give up? I’m napping by 10am.

    In other words, if you find a good secret, let me know.

  2. The great thing about a Keurig (and we LOVE ours and if it dies, I may move out)? It doesn’t matter about what GOOD coffee is. You just have to LOVE whatever you make. Because it’s only one cup! Bryan adores Dunkin Donuts (regular blend) because he’s pretty basic when it comes to coffee; I’m girly and like flavored coffees. My absolute fave though is Chai Green Tea.. it’s a K-Cup, but I can’t remember who made it. Throw a little milk in there and I’m golden!

    Although, lately, I’ve been loving the Starbucks Via Iced. 5 oz milk, 3 oz water, the little packet and a thing of Sweet ‘n Low? HEAVEN ALL MORNING.

  3. I haven’t had a ton of the Chai Tea so I’m a little nervous with venturing out into that world. But I do LOVE hot tea. I’m super excited to start drinking some again. This summer my goal is to ween myself off the caffeine. I am hoping I can trick myself into thinking that just because I’m drinking a hot beverage that I’m getting hot caffeine (like coffee). We’ll see. I’m waiting until June so I can just pass out for an entire week sleeping off the addiction withdrawals.

    And if you put Sweet ‘n Low in anything, I’ll probably drink it.

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