I can’t help but think of a post that I read recently on Zoot’s blog about posting with a purpose.  In fact, that’s what’s been keeping my posts so far and few between. Why do I have a blog?  What do I have to say that makes people want to stop and read?  Honestly, there’s nothing that special about me.  However, I think I have a blog more for myself.

I feel like my brain is always on the go.  Seriously.  I always want to talk or go through my thoughts and just share them.  Sometimes I find myself having to explain how I got from one train of thought to another because often it leaves my students wondering how I got from Point A to Point Q.

I think I’ve found out why I desire to blog – I desire a community and environment where I can talk freely and openly and have a sense of community all behind a computer screen.  In a world where time is limited and there aren’t enough hours in a day, blogging provides a type of safe haven where people can go and be social at any point of the day.

Does this make me sound like a hermit?

My goal is to start blogging with regularity.  Honestly, I haven’t blogged in so long because I’ve been dealing with wondering what my blogging purpose is.  WHY am I determined to write?  Why don’t I just share everything that’s on my brain by speaking it to my husband….HAHA.  Yeah right.

ANOTHER reason I have this blog – so I can vent because sometimes it’s really hard to tell your husband that his sister, who he is quite fond of, is quite possibly the MOST SELF-ABSORBED AND SLAP-WORTHY PERSON EVER.  She infuriates me with just the smallest things.  We do NOT get along – and I pride myself for being a pretty decent person who is cordial to even the crankiest of all angry teachers.  I’ve tried being a friend; I’ve tried being a “sister”; I’ve tried EVERYTHING.  Some people are not meant to acknowledge that other humans live outside of their “perfect” little bubble.  I realize I’m being ugly.  Maybe this is the place to stop for tonight.


2 thoughts on “Purpose?

  1. It’s funny how much my purpose with my blog has changed over the last 7 years. I think we make our blogs what we need at that moment in time. And sometimes? It’s for venting about a family member 🙂 I wish I had known I could have imported my entries from my typepad blog I used for the first few months of my blogging life because I would like to look back at those. By the time I moved to misszoot.com my blogging regularity was established but I remember the struggle those first few months. I wish I could read what I had then! As it is – I just copied and pasted a few of the entries when I moved. DUH. Didn’t know with just a few clicks I could import them!

    • The thing is – I don’t want my blog to be a place where I have to hide what I’m thinking/feeling about people BUT at the same time, I don’t want it to become an angry place where I only vent. Although this week, it’s been crazy stressful and I feel like I have nothing positive to throw out into the world.

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