Spring is here!

It was almost 80 degrees today.  Well, according to my car, it was actually 81 degrees.  Hello warmer weather!  I’ve been waiting for you!

There’s something about Spring that makes people crazy – and by people, I think I mean people who are in a school building from 7:30-3:30.  We have “officially” been warned that for the next few months, expect fights to break out and students to skip school.  We are having constant dress code violations (um, hi Girls – when I (your female teacher) am distracted by your boobs popping out of your shirt then you might need to wear something different and THAT is why I sent you to the office) and kids just losing their minds.  Today there were 1 fight in a teacher classroom (although I wonder if everything this teacher says is true) and another escalation to a fight in another teacher’s classroom.  I guess once the temps go up, the crazy level increases also.

Did I mention that we have THREE more weeks until Spring Break?  Three.  Three of the longest weeks ever.  We have such a late Spring Break this year because they want to wait until all of the elementary and middle schools have finished testing.  A good friend of mine taught 5th grade for the past few years and she complained how stressful it is to plan “studying”/preparing the students for testing around Spring Break.  Since there is so much at risk with test scores, I really can’t blame her for her stress and complaints about last years Spring Break.  So this year they changed it and now we have a LATE Spring Break and come back to school for only 6 more weeks (including our make-up days for snow).

I don’t think the students are the only ones going batty.  Some of the teachers are losing their minds and fighting.  I thought we were adults working in a high school, not middle schoolers teaching high schoolers.  Guess I was wrong.

So it’s time for the NCAA Tournament.  I entered my work pool, even though I have not watched a single game all year.  I called a good friend of mine from high school (who I KNEW would know who to pick) and he guided me into picking a bracket that could actually pocket me a little bit of money.  I’m picking Syracuse to win it all.  Only because I REALLY don’t like Ohio State.  Ok – it’s not that I have anything against Ohio State but I DO have something against this guy who is obsessed with them.  So, unfortunately for them, I hope they get beat by Syracuse.  Memphis is also in it!  Whoo-hoo!  GO TIGERS!  And here’s to hoping I get my $5 back!


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