Allergic Reaction??

I’ve spent most of my life dealing with allergies from pollen, grass, and other forms of nature.  But now I’ve encountered something that I don’t really know is an allergy or not.  This post is about to get a little personal so if you want to venture away now, I completely understand.

I’ve been fighting a small wart on the inside of my thumb for a few weeks.  I started using this super strength Compound W band aids that are kinda scary in how strong they are.  Almost instantly after putting the first one on, the side of my thumb with the nail on it started to hurt…BAD.  The next day I pulled off the bandage and noticed that there were red bumps.  I pressed on, determined to deal with the pain because I really REALLY wanted the wart to go away.  I started cutting the sticky part of the bandage away and using another regular (latex free) band-aid to hold it all on. 

Less than a week later and I lost the top layer of skin on my thumb.  Not only that, but it’s dry, red, and cracked skin that doesn’t seem to want to heal.

Joel thinks I might have a latex allergy.  But if I have one, wouldn’t I have noticed in other times in my life?  My poor friend (and family member who shall not be referenced) didn’t find out she had a latex allergy until her honeymoon.  I still feel bad for her on that one.  And also let me add that I’ve never had that reaction – EVER.

One of my most embarrassing moments in high school came from the issue of a latex allergy.  I was heavily involved in all theatrical productions at my school.  My senior year, a group of girls were chosen to play the older women in “Steel Magnolias.”  We were modifying our stage to basically produce this “in the round” by having bleachers for the audience to be on stage with us.  It was an awesome concept.  So one day, I’m sitting in the dressing room with my best friend (who was also in the play) and my 3 male theatre directors.  They were trying to come up with new ways to make sweet faced 18 year olds look as if they were over 60 years of age.  One suggestion was to try putting a lot of latex on our faces and allowing it to dry to give the appearance of wrinkles.  Since the audience would be sitting on stage, extreme (and typical) age makeup wouldn’t do the trick.  Right as my teacher came in for the kill with the latex, he pulls back and asks me if I’m allergic to latex.  Never having stage latex on my body, I smiled and giggled incredulously at this idea, and asked him how in the world I would know if I was allergic to latex.  My three MALE teachers looked at each other and smiled.  There was a moment of silence as I awkwardly tried to figure out what they were implying.

My more “worldly” friend was mortified for me.   She later let me in on everything.  I’m still a little embarrassed about this.

Ok, so I was naive, sweet, and innocent as a high schooler – and I’m pretty stinkin’ proud of that now, especially as I watch the issues that some of my students deal with when it comes to relationships and all the problems/situations these kids put themselves in. 

—–I’m still concerned about my thumb though.


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