A Proposal

"ooo-la-la!" Let us all look at the ring!

Since I’m posting about engagements, I thought it only appropriate to add one of my wedding pictures into this.  Plus my wedding photographer and friend was AMAZING so I just love to look at my wedding photos any chance I get.

A friend of my husband’s got engaged over the weekend.  He’s the last one of Joel’s closest friends to get married.  This basically means that later this summer, there will a bachelor party to end all bachelor parties.  The groom has decided he wants his bash to take place in Nashville (which is actually a relief since the newly engaged live in a SMALL town in Georgia).   As Joel recapped the proposal, we talked about how different proposals are for each couple.  And also about how BAD some proposals are.  Yes, I realize that at the end of the day, it’s all about how happy you are in your marriage, but the proposal is the story you will tell over and over and over again.

Some of the bad ones that have stuck with us: (and YES, these happened to actual couples we know.  Names have been changed to keep the embarrassed innocent)

  • Jane and Jon were sitting by the Christmas tree, opening gifts.  He tosses her a present.  She opens it up and is shocked to see there is a ring sitting in the package.  He looks at her and says, “Well?”
  • Hope is passed out on the couch after taking some migraine medicine.  She feels her boyfriend try to wake her up.  She groggily  (is that word) opens her eyes and can see a blurry outline that appears to be him kneeling next to the couch.  He blurts out, “Will you marry me?”  Hope responds with, “You’re kidding.”  This conversation repeats itself a couple of times until he admits that he isn’t joking and wants to marry her.  He waited JUST FOR MIDNIGHT of Leap Day (which is “romantic since it only happens every 4 years”) to ask her.  She said yes.
  • Kate and Brad are at a family reunion.  After the blessing to dig in, Brad is given the floor to “say something” while Kate heads straight for the buffet line and begins to help herself.  He repeatedly calls out to her and she turns around to see him on one knee while she holds her plate full of food.  He asks and she says yes.
  • Bob has good intentions of making this the BEST PROPOSAL EVER.  He invites Jen up to the top of a mountain and they begin to hike.  However, Bob can’t remember which way to go.  They get lost in Summer in Alabama on a mountain.  By the time they finally find a clearing and take a seat, they realize that they have been out in the heat for so long that the sushi they brought for their picnic is now ruined.  He goes on to Plan B and decides to go ahead and eat the fortune cookies he brought.  SPOILER ALERT – the proposal is on the fortune.  She picks which one she wants, but she picks the wrong one.  Bob quickly (and knowing him, I imagine it was awkwardly too) switches the fortune cookies.  She opens the cookie and reads “Something special will happen” or some other vague memo like that.  She turns around and he’s on one knee proposing marriage.

I must say that almost all of these couples are still married and have kids (or buns in the oven), proving that disastrous proposals don’t have any indication to how a marriage will end up.

Have you ever heard of a bad proposal?  Like one in real life?  Please share!


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