“Charlene” is a popular name in our house

Have you seen “The Fighter”?  Amazing movie with great acting and a remarkable storyline.  After watching, you realize why it won so many awards.

Here’s one of my favorite parts:

I love this part because Amy Adams (Charlene in the movie) unexpectedly jumps all over these girls.  Her typically sweet character (in all of her other movies anyway) warps into this wolf with a vengeance.  Charlene shows this Don’t Effing Eff with Me because I’ll Eff You UP AND I LOVE IT!  It’s that live with reckless abandonment that always astonishes me about people.

Ah yes, the "Charlene" of Huntsville

Last week, the four of us went on a walk around the neighborhood.  While dogs always bark at us, Cash walks by completely oblivious to other dogs behind fences.  On our walk, we passed by our neighbor’s house who had a few dogs running around the backyard.  Gracie, sweet and gentile  – bashful and apprehensive – lazy and cuddly, lost her cool.  She started barking and growling in ways that stopped me, Joel, AND Cash in our steps.  It almost seemed like she suffered from dog turrets or some sort of schizophrenia.  After that outburst, we nicknamed her “Charlene” after Amy Adam’s craziness.  It’s a constant joke in our house and it’s one of those things that might not translate well to print, but yeah, it always warrants a smile.

Tonight my sister-in-law called to see if she could be invited to Easter dinner.  Turns out her husband got off work after all and the two of them (along with their 2.5 yr old and 6 month old baby) are heading this way Friday.  Talk about added stress in my life.  Joel’s 2 brothers and one’s wife will be coming this weekend also (along with their new puppy) and staying in our house.  Every year, we invite Joel’s brothers to come to our house and celebrate Easter with us.  Each year – we have a blast.  I love his brothers and our sister-in-law is one of my friends from college and I love her more than most people.  But my sister-in-law…..ugh, we’ve had a TON of issues in the past, especially the last time she came to visit.  Let’s just say it was a disaster of epic proportions which resulted in us not visiting her in the past year and a half.

My 3 day weekend which I was looking so forward to is now becoming a dreaded weekend of stress.  And Joel feels it too.  We are trying to pretend everything is ok – and in a way – I think it will be.  When you haven’t seen someone in a long time after a huge blowout, there’s no way to know what to expect – especially with someone I don’t really have a relationship with to start on.

Joel wrapped up our conversation about all of this (including bringing up past issues which probably wasn’t the best idea) and said

“I like that my wife is a completely trashy New Jersey bar maid when she’s mad.”

Thanks Joel.

So now Gracie isn’t the only one being called Charlene.  Let’s just hope neither one of us transitions into our alter egos any time soon.


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