Surviving with Grace

This week I listened to the heart-stopping, eye-witness account of a tornado survivor.  He walked me through, step by step, the devastation that will force his home to be leveled in the next few weeks.  Throughout his entire story, he continually told me about the angels who spoke through him, the angels who stopped him from being able to shut the closet door entirely (because if it had shut, he and his children would have been in more danger), the angels who closed his eyes to the magnitude of the destruction as he came out into the daylight.


As he told me, I first thought it was unbelievable.  After seeing all of the windows and doors blown out of his house and realizing that winds swept under the foundation of his home – he was at peace.  Peace that can only come from a higher power.

As most people know and have blogged about, our state was inundated with more than 50 tornadoes – 28 of them in my own area.  Figures are reporting that at least 70 people died.  I can look at that number and think – ONLY 70 people died.  ONLY.

How amazing is it that with all of the destruction, which will take years to rebuild and for some it will take lifetimes, ONLY 70 people died.  Thousands should have died.  All of the state, people are reporting signs of being miraculously saved by the winds spinning hundreds of miles an hour.


There was the story of the boy who survived 3 days in a cooler chest.  When asked how he got there, he told authorities that the man with the white wings put him there.

I have to believe there were angels protecting Sparkman High School as hundreds and hundreds of kids, teachers, and staff huddled in their safe zone while the winds destroyed the next block over.  Something, or Someone rather, protected the people of Alabama that day.

In times of tragedy, people often ask God why these types of disasters happen.  What good can come from it?  Well.  It hit me the other day that through the storm, people are coming to believe that there IS a God, He can save us, and He can protect us – as proven with the storms that day.  The things lost were just that – things.  Things can be bought again and be replaced.  People cannot.

Of course, I say this in the comfort of my home as my life goes back to normal.  Slowly but surely, we as a community are dropping off from volunteering and donating since our lives are back in a routine.  I hope we never forget that there are some who won’t see a routine for months.

I also hope those people hurting are able to lean on those angels again.


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