Here’s where I try to look like the victim

So last weekend, Joel went to Bonnaroo which left me all by myself at the house.  Not one to want to sit by myself, I made plans and hung out with friends all weekend long.  Saturday night I headed up to Sand Mountain area to have dinner with a friend.  I LOVE this friend but she lives pretty far away but I figured I had the time this weekend to make the 2 hr round trip drive.

I intended to leave before the sun set (but really, isn’t this ALWAYS how intentions go?), and didn’t end up leaving until around 10:00 pm. So I head out on some County Road  and am not really speeding – I was going about 45-50, which wasn’t too bad considering there is NO ONE AROUND.  As I come over a small hill, my lights catch a large dog picking at some roadkill in the middle of the road.  Though my intentions are to slightly serve (without leaving the road), the dog takes off towards to right side of the road allowing him to collide into my bumper and then two tires.


I pull over into a huge driveway at the first house I see and frantically call my friend.  As I’m sitting there, I realize I have no idea where I really am, and though I see a few houses, there are hardly any lights on in any of them.  I’m a little nervous….especially after having the conversation about how Sand Mountain is a meth capital.

“Um, I think I just killed a dog.  It was in the middle of the road and I hit it.
“Is it still moving?”
“A car drove by and the lights landed on it but it didn’t move. Pretty sure it’s dead.  What do I do??”
“Courtney, if it was just picking at roadkill then it was probably a country dog…Are you sure you didn’t hit my dog?”
::at this point I start driving away::
“YES, I am SURE it wasn’t your dog. This dog was black……
DAMNIT there goes ANOTHER DOG in front of my car!!  Why do they all want to jump in front of my car??”
“Please be careful going home.”

I end up getting home and am somewhat stressed about the dead dog but, honestly, I’m more upset about my car.  I continually told myself that the dog was homeless so I wouldn’t think about the small children crying over their beloved pet.  In the daylight, my car looked ROUGH.  Then after a little pop here and a shove there (THANK YOU TOYOTA for being plastic), the only real damage still remains in the front bumper.

An expensive boo-boo for the Camry

 I don’t know if it looks that bad to you, but it looks like a small beating in person.  Thank heavens the car didn’t get too damaged on the wheel base area and is still drivable.  Because of all the tornado and storm damage we’ve had in the area, it looks like it will take about 6-8 weeks to actually get the car fixed.  At least we lowered our deductible because the last time we made a claim (when some awesome anonymous stranger bashed in the back of Joel’s 4 Runner), we had JUST upped the claim (and promptly lowered it after realizing our rates would stay the same).

Hi Honey – welcome back from your weekend off.  I crashed the car.  How was Bonnaroo?


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