Pleasantly Surprising

Ok, don’t judge, but I had to google the title to make sure I was spelling it correctly.  I have spelling issues.

Also, Urban Dictionary calls it a “hick term.”  I can honestly say that I teach country kids, and don’t think any of them use that phrase.

Last week reminded me that I hate having “summers off” and yet STILL have plenty of obligations which require me to spend time at the school.  Being the JV Volleyball coach is one element that consumes my life.  This past week, after spending the week at Auburn, we had team camp at school.  This means I spent 8 hours a day Mon-Wed watching girls play volleyball.  Our coaches weren’t running the camp, but were merely there to observe and learn.  I was able to get some school work done, so I guess it all wasn’t a total loss BUT it was overwhelmingly time consuming.

Plus, there was a bonding activity Monday after camp **which I left about an hour into it, so I could go to Hot Yoga where OMG it was hotter than HELL at 107 degrees.  It’s bad when you go outside into the Alabama heat in a parking lot and think “Wow, it feels so refreshing outside” because it is ACTUALLY 15 freakin’ degrees cooler outside.**

THEN there was another bonding activity Wednesday after camp which would last all day on Thursday as well.  At this point – I’m thinking, How much bonding do we all need????

I make the hour drive to Joe Wheeler Lake where one of our player’s grandparents own a lake house.  As I unload the car, I keep telling myself that I’m already out here so I might as well suck it up and get it all over with.  From then on, I was either at the dock, riding the jet ski/boat, or in the tube.  And, I’ll be damned if I didn’t have a fantastic time.

On the first night, I rode around on the jet ski with the head Varsity coach, who I really enjoy.  In fact, she’s one of my favorite things about volleyball.  She was the first person to really befriend me and become a confidant and venting post for me to lean on.  Later, we ate dinner and had a team meeting where we reminded the girls that although the plan is to not only make it to the state tournament, we need to make sure that we win the state tournament.  Of course, we have a long journey ahead and everyone needs to remember that we are a TEAM, not a group of girls on a court.  Coaching high school girls is a tough and tricky challenge at times, because – um hello! – they are high school girls dealing with all the crap of being high school girls while being on a team of other high school girls.  Most of the adults headed to bed shortly after our pow-wow, and found out in the morning that most of them finally passed out around 4 am.

Thursday, we anxiously headed out to the lake to soak up the last few hours of sun and water.  It was the goal of the team to get me into the water.  First off, I was in one of these:

The Gentle One

It wasn’t until I sat on the end that I ended up being thrown into the water.  And let me announce right here that I DON’T DO WATER.  Seriously.  I only get in a pool because I can see everything in it.  The fact that I was in a lake with fish OHMIGAWD I ALMOST DIED.  I started screaming for them to come back (and yes, they laughed because I was using comedy to mask my terror – See Mom, THAT’S what my theatre degree was for) before the fish ate me.  I saw a dead carp the day before floating on the water and if I actually fully thought about it and others swimming beneath my feet, I would probably have a panic attack.

Then I got behind the boat in another raft.

Tube of Death

This one involves one person to lay down in the middle.  I, once again, chose to sit on the outside.  This one felt like a machine gun was shooting up and around my ass.  I kid you not, it was PAINFUL.  Plus, being on the outside made me feel like I was suffering through whiplash every time the boat whipped around in another figure 8.  At one point, the girls in the boat said they could only see my butt because my feet were in the air and were practically kicking my face (it was like a yoga move from hell).  I screamed and silently prayed for one of the other girls to fall out.  I knew that if I fell out I would probably die.  Thankfully, the girl in the middle fell, allowing us to stop and giving me the change to be the adult and allow another child to get on the raft aka get the hell off the raft.

Friday, shooting pain in my neck woke me up causing me to wander around the house looking for a heating pad and any sort of pain killer.  I literally felt like I was hit by a truck.  Everything hurt: my back, my butt, my legs, my arms (from the death grip I had on the handles), muscles I didn’t know existed in my torso, and most importantly – my neck.  I couldn’t look in every direction without wanting to cry.  When did I get this old?  Oh, and to top it off, my SPF 70 decided to be lazy and take a nap when I needed it the most.  I’ve been battling a sunburn at the same times as the muscle injuries.

Needless to say, despite all the abuse of the water, I had a wonderful time hanging out with the girls and other coaches.  I dreaded the whole event but was sad to see it all end.  Maybe I should be negative more often and then it will lead to positive outcomes.


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