We celebrated on the 2nd

Instead of celebrating the 4th, we partied on the 2nd.  Some friends of ours love to throw parties at pretty much every holiday possible.  Since the wife of this family wanted to start a catering company at one point, I LOVE going over there and eating my heart out.  Although, I am proud of myself for not completely being a pig and snarfing down everything in sight.  Sometimes I want to do that.

The fun part about this gathering was that each couple was asked to bring their preferences of adult beverages and a firework for everyone to share.  AWESOME concept!  And their house basically looked like an arsenal after everyone showed up.

Anyway, I had my fancy camera with me so I thought that I should try to capture some awesome fireworks

In the beginning

...bombs bursting in air...



We sat out in their yard for over an hour watching the beautiful fireworks explode and then (literally) rain down on us.  I kept thinking that bugs were all over me (which is another one of those paranoid moments for me) but it was actually firework debris.  Since we celebrated on Saturday night, we were completely lame Monday night and stayed at home, listening to the fireworks.

As we sat there, I started wondering if this is how people in war-torn countries feel – hearing loud booms, seeing flashes of light.  Except for the fact that I sit in my comfortably air-conditioned living room, while watching cable television.  So, yeah, not really experiencing the same thing, but still.  The thought was there.



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