I’m in a glass case of emotion

One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies – Anchorman.  My roommates and I watched it religiously in college and I have the fondest memories of it.

So, we got back in town from visiting my in-laws and I do feel like I am in a glass case of emotion.  We headed down to Fort Benning last week to spend a long (emphasis on the long) weekend with my husband’s 5 brothers and sisters (not counting the two others who have married into the family and two kids).  I was looking forward to seeing everyone in the family, but I was more interested in seeing how all the “kids” interacted without their parents around.  This is the first time that all 6+ kids have been together without their parents.

Now this may not seem significant, but we all know that people act differently when their parents are around, whether they admit it or not.  All of the kids (with the exception of my husband – and no, I’m not THAT biased) become pretty lazy and depend on their parents to wait on them and take care of them.  Sure I have these same expectations, but there is one of my and two of my parents.  They outnumber me.  In this family, the kids outnumbered the parents almost 15 years ago.

It was fun to see everyone grow up a little bit.  I did a lot of watching of the siblings and was pleasantly surprised that everyone (no matter what anyone says) pitched in and helped with the cooking, cleaning, and even the taking-care-of babies who aren’t theirs.  There was actually a point where the family sat down and everyone picked the meal they would “cook.”  I claimed lunch on Friday because it was free Chick-fil-a if you dressed as a cow.  I CALLED IT. I WIN.

I *heart* Chick-fil-a

These were the best cow costumes we could come up with at my sister-in-law’s house.  I left my cow spots at home.  By the way, in case you are wondering, I’m the dashing beauty on the far right.

And YES, I planned and cooked another meal.  And it was awesome.  I was flattered that one of my husband’s brothers has been bragging about my cooking because if you knew where I started – WHEW!  Let’s just say I’ve come a long way baby.

Anyway, my whole reason in posting was that I feel like we are all watching each other and making sure everyone got along.  Odd, but the relative I thought would get on my nerves first got on my nerves last, while the last people I ever expected to annoy me bugged the crap out of me.  So, I would definitely say that the glass box of emotion has been my state of mind for the past week or so.

Did I mention that I brought a car load of Ferns back with me?  At least, I’m not completely locked in my glass box anymore.


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