Dear Apple…

I put up with a ton of crap to keep your product.

I went to the Verizon store last week.  You remember last week?  The time where Verizon quit allowing people to sign up for unlimited data plans?  We’ve been wanting to switch over from AT&T for awhile now, but after hearing this, we impulsively (YES this is impulsive for us) went and switched over.

We spent over an hour waiting for someone to even say hello to us.

Sure, the store was busy. Yes, we started out as number 16 on the waiting list.  But as we slowly climbed the wait list, I began to get excited.  And then Verizon DELETED OUR NAME.  My blood began to boil.  Did I mention that we were standing right next to the customer service counter?  I assure they did NOT call out our name.

FINALLY, as the store begins to empty out, we are greeted by one of the most precocious personalities I have ever encountered in customer service.  This woman sassed us and attempted humor.  Word to the wise – When I’ve been waiting for over an HOUR to sign up for a family plan of 4 lines, the last thing I would do is SASS.

Long story short – no, seriously, I have to shorten this story because a week later it still makes my blood boil.  We were in the Verizon store (in South Huntsville – locals beware!) for over 3 hours.  They closed the store 2 hours prior to our finishing.  Throughout this entire time, they claimed to have problems ringing up and activating the iPhone.  REALLY???  One of the most popular phones in the world and at this very moment, they are having problems with it???  Somehow I have reason to believe the error was due to incompetent user issues.  Also – there was NEVER ONCE an apology for the “system” issues.  In fact, our sales girl went out of her way to sass about how this was “not her fault.”  NO KIDDING.  SHE SAID THAT.

So, Apple, I am a devotee.  I waded through the crap and endured incompetent fools in order to have this product.  Only to come home and realize that my new iPhone 4 wouldn’t hook up to my Macbook because apparently I am running a system older than Moses.  How was I supposed to know?  The computer works fine so it’s never been an issue.  So I race to the Apple store (on the day that we are leaving town – PERFECT timing), and find out that I need to order a new OS in order to update iTunes so that I can hook up my iPhone 4.  I have having panic issues thinking of “OMG, I won’t be able to vent or talk to outsiders about my in-laws!” (which – happily enough – I didn’t need to have any of those major moments).

When did I become one of those people who is controlled by the little white apple??

Disclaimer – I think Windows products are just as great as Mac.  My work computer runs Windows 7 and I truly love it.  I also stuck with the iPhone because I think it’s one of the most well-rounded phones out there.  ALSO, I plan on using this computer until it dies, which (knocking on wood!!) it will continue on running even though it is over 5 years old, which seems like a long time these days.


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