The “Curse” of Children

A few months ago, some disturbing comments were said to me and my husband and I have yet to forget them.  Joel and I, being the childless couple that we are, enjoy our nights out (which usually involve dinner and a movie – nothing crazy) but we really enjoy sleeping in on the few days we are able to do this.  A few times a month, Joel has to work Saturday morning and every Sunday, we both volunteer in the 3 yr old room at our church.  Considering we both work full time jobs, the few Saturdays we get to sleep in and until 7:00 am on Sunday mornings – well, we consider this to be sacred sleeping time.

That being said, Joel gets a text message one Sunday morning at 6:00 am.  As expected, Joel didn’t wake up from his phone going on alert – but I DID.  After it chirped twice, I pushed him and told him in my annoyed sleepy voice, that he had a text message and to SILENCE HIS PHONE.  Having done by job, I roll over in attempts to go to sleep.

And yet, I lay there.  FOR THE LAST HOUR OF SLEEP.

By the time the alarm went off, I’m furious – for every min that passed I believe I exponentially got more aggravated at whoever text him.  And considering someone text him that early in the morning I thought – wow, this will be the STUPIDEST message ever because if it was a true emergency, then a phone call would have followed.  It was Father’s Day and the text message said “DON’T FORGET TO CALL DAD!!!”

I. WAS. LIVID. Especially because it was sent from a member of my husband’s family who REPEATEDLY texts us before 7 am.  Even though we have mentioned that we are on Central Time Zone and we would really appreciate it if she would be respectful enough to allow us to sleep and keep her (useless) texts until after a decent time.  Joel text her and told her that texting us at 6:00 is NOT ok  (I was so thankful he said something to her).  I also text her and told her “seriously, stop texting in the morning. PLEASE.”

Her response?  Not a – oh I’m sorry I woke you, or oops, my bad or yeah, I’m so dumb that I forget you are on a different time zone.

Her response was along the lines of Oh just wait until you have children.  I can’t wait.  Then you won’t even know what it’s like to sleep anymore.  You’ll constantly be up in the morning hearing people whine about wanting food or juice. You just wait – then you’ll get yours.

Joel (as the mature person in this situation) responded with – Look, we all have our own problems and I don’t need you throwing yours on me.

Eventually she calmed down (I think she thought she was being funny) and apologized for texting us.  But later on Facebook, she asked if any of her friends ever wish children on people like they were a curse? Like “HA! That’ll show them!”  I was more and more shocked as her friends all said YES, and that they wish children on people as if it were a curse.


I feel like the equivalent of this would be me wishing her kids to grow up to be druggies and in jail.  But I don’t.  As someone who doesn’t have kids, I wish good futures for them.  I want them to succeed and have wonderful, happy lives.  Why does she feel the need to wish AWFUL things on me?

ICKKKK.  Just thinking of all of this makes my stomach hurt again.  But the root of this issue remains. I haven’t been able to stop thinking of what all she meant by that.  I also wonder how happy or fulfilled she is in her own life to wish sleepless nights and crying babies on someone.

Because, you know, as someone without kids – well….I thought kids were supposed to be a blessing.


4 thoughts on “The “Curse” of Children

  1. As someone who has a child, I STILL would not text that early unless it is a school day and it is Ashley or William I am texting while on my way to school (you know, because they’re on their way too).

    Do I ever feel as if I was cursed for having my child? No. Do I sometimes feel trapped because of the embarrassment he could bring me in public? You bet. But you know what, the older he gets and the more he embarrasses me, well…lets just say I have PLANS for when he is a teen.

    But I digress – you are in no way in the wrong for being annoyed. It’s not about having children – it’s about common courtesy as a human.

  2. I know I’ve said some crazy things since Olivia was born, but I’m pretty sure I never wished kids on someone as punishment. Parenting isn’t roses and sunshine all the time, but even when it’s not, it’s pretty good. If I was going to wish punishment on someone, I’d wish for them to be covered in festering boils or something.

    And if someone texted at 6am, it’s likely I’d be wishing festering boils on them.

  3. OMG I HAVE HEARD THIS TOO! For whatever reason a lot of our friends our age who have kids make these types of comments all the time. We say something like “oh the dog woke us up at 6am and it was so annoying”. Oh yeah well just wait till you have kids…that’s nothing! You’ll be wishing you still just had dogs.

    Um, I’m sorry…just because you decided you wanted to have kids when you were right out of college and are now wondering why you didn’t have more sleep in time and date time doesn’t mean I’ll be angry/regretful that my children take up my sleep time. Good grief!


  4. As a semi-new mom (my bebe is almost 2) I can say that I have NEVER thought of her as a curse and that I RARELY get up before 8:00 a.m.

    So there, snide parents!

    Found ya from your comment on Zoot’s shared post about ctrl+F. Huntsvillians, unite!

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