Too little too late

So I wrote a LONG blog post a few weeks ago about how my engagement ring was stolen from my house.  And then I realized that since we are going to be going to trial and this is still an ordeal with the police that I just might not want to word vomit all my thoughts and feelings on the situation onto the internet.  Because we all know that once it’s on the Internet (or the “Intranets” as my husband’s grammy calls it) it’s there forever. 

Here’s the basic rundown of what happened:

A few weeks ago I went to volleyball practice and I only wore my wedding band.  I don’t like wearing my engagement ring to practice because 1. we were practicing in an unairconditioned building and my fingers swell and 2. it gets in the way when I’m hitting the balls and such.  So I hid it in my jewelry box even though I knew the maid was coming that day.

We use(d) services through Maid Brigade – WHICH NO ONE SHOULD EVER USE IF THEY LIVE IN HUNTSVILLE.  Turns out the girl who stole my ring, also had a criminal record for theft.  The owner of the company repeatedly lied to us about her priors even after all this went down.  The police were able to track my ring down along with a diamond necklace I wasn’t even aware was missing.  I mean, with my ring gone, I noticed NOTHING else.  They now have the ring in Police Evidence and I can get everything back in a few months once all of this is over and a verdict has been set. 

My issue with the company is not only do they hire criminals to go into people’s houses and claim they do background checks, but that they DIDN’T suspend her pending this investigation like they promised.  We were assured the day (Saturday) after it happened that both maids would be suspended until this investigation proved valid.  Turns out when the police went to arrest her on Tuesday, she was not at her house but instead was CLEANING SOMEONE ELSE’S HOUSE.  Um….not ok.  NOT OK.

Needless to say, I’ve been a basketcase of emotions between this and the starting of school and the end of my free time.  I already have a feeling this is going to be a long school year.


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