So is this kharma?

Damn me for saying that October would be my easy  month.  I think after writing the last post, my life became more hectic than normal.  I went and planned a trip to NYC with my husband and parents.  The next week I was gone for the state volleyball tournament – which was SUPER exciting.  Can I just say that being there and becoming completely wrapped up in everything truly makes you forget that this is high school volleyball.  In the scheme of life, none of it really matters.  But when you are there?  With hundreds of girls playing their hearts out with hundreds of their classmates watching?  IT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.  Our varsity team did an amazing job and ended up placing second in the state in our 5A division.  I am SO proud.  They played as hard as they could, but ended up losing the match to a private school from Mobile.  Now, I have mixed feelings about this.  One – they played great!  Those girls were truly a wonderful team.  There were many times where we were genuinely outplayed.  Two – BUT, they are a private school.  Those coaches there are allowed to recruit girls from all over the city, which has helped establish this school as a volleyball powerhouse.  They have won the state championship for the past 5 years, so they walked into that arena with utter confidence and pride.  Our girls knew they were in for a fight.

The most heartbreaking part about it all – and the part where you can’t say Oh, it’s just a game – happened when our girls finished slapping hands and saying good game to the other team.  They all turned around and burst into tears.  It was excruciating to watch them struggle with a huge loss – and you want to say BUT YOU DID SO GREAT!!!!  YOU ARE SECOND!!!  But second place sucks when you watch someone else take the 1st place trophy.

Anyway, the girls regrouped and we had a great bus ride back full of high spirits.

The day after I got home, Joel’s siblings all came into town and stayed with us for the weekend.  It was a FULL house this weekend. 

Oh, then today, I was oddly looking forward to my dental appointment at 7:30 am, since I had to miss my last appointment for volleyball.  I’m “on the top of the cancellation list” so supposedly I get the first call when an appointment comes up.  They called last week and asked if I wanted an appointment for today so I say YES but let me call you back after I clear it with my principal.  I cleared – everything was good to go.  Except, they claim I never called back to confirm.  I SWEAR I DID.  I left the dentist with rage and tears as I sped to school.  Because now I was late for school (which I was going to be anyway) but I still had dirty (in theory) teeth.  What pisses me off though, is that they keep harping on how I MUST get my teeth cleaned now that I’m pregnant and yet I can’t get a freakin appointment to save my life.  Who seriously books appointments for EVERY client 6 months in advance and has 90% of them keep them?!  But don’t worry – they moved my appointment from April (the week I was due to give birth – I had to explain that getting my teeth cleaned would be the absolute last thing on my mind) to a random morning in February.  Also, have no fear, but I am still “at the top of the cancellation list.”  Whoopdie freaking do.

THIS IS ALL DUE TO ME SAYING MY LIFE WOULD CALM DOWN IN OCTOBER.  Well, calendar, you win.  Let’s just hope things calm down eventually. 

P.S. – I promise to stop writing about how busy I am, because I KNOW it’s annoying.  It annoys me too.


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