A little bump

So I was sitting in the dentist’s chair today – which YES, I got an appointment this week.  There was some drama I tweeted about because earlier in the week, they gave away my appointment because I didn’t call and confirm.  I could have SWORN I did confirm, but I also can’t remember what I wore yesterday.  In other words, my memory isn’t great.  It’s amazing that I’ve been on the cancellation list for months, and yet, once I finally get snappy – I get an appointment within days.  The only reason I got snappy is because the dentist keeps saying how important it is to get your teeth cleaned when you are pregnant.  I finally got frustrated and told them I’m TRYING to get an appointment but THEY can’t give me one.  So maybe they should stop giving me grief about something I cannot control.  VOILA!  Appointment.

Back to my point – the extremely nice hygienist is dutifully scraping away,  and all of a sudden I felt something completely foreign.  It was a completely sci-fi moment as I realized that there was this separate little person kicking me from the inside.  I immediately put my hands on my stomach and hoped and prayed the little bean would continue to float around in there.  A KICK!  Eeeek!  Of course, I wanted it to keep dancing, so I’m lying there, terrified to move.  Plus, I didn’t really want to freak out the hygienist since she has sharp, metal tools in my mouth.  The little bean just kept on moving.  It blew my mind.  Sometimes I truly forget that there is a completely different person – INSIDE MY BODY – right now.

Now, I’m sitting on the couch and waiting… go on little baby.  Kick Away.  I’m waiting.

And nothing.  I’m still waiting.

But there’s something really exciting about knowing that it could happen at any moment.

Joel told me tonight as we were visiting a friend and their new baby that he wishes we had started trying having kids a long time ago so that we would already have one by now.  He said, “This pregnancy part is so long.”  Yeah, no kidding, buddy.  This must be so rough for you.   Punk.

I’m experiencing random heartburn, which I’ve only ever had when I’ve eaten cinnamon.  I’ve heard that it means the baby is growing hair, but I seriously doubt this baby will come out with any hair on its head.  I was bald until I was 2 and Joel only had platinum peach fuzz for the first few years.  If it’s a girl, I’m going to be gluing bows to her head.  Being bald is awesome for boys though.

GASP.  I think I just felt it again.  But Joel came and sat by me so it’ll probably go back to sleep in just a minute, I’m sure (haha).


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