The Best Game

Today is practically a state holiday.  LSU has come to the great state of Alabama, which has geared this entire state into a “ROLL TIDE” frenzy.  Everyone, including myself, refers to this as “the big game.”  No other explanation is needed.  It’s funny – Joel and I are neither Alabama nor Auburn fans.  We claim neutral territory with being Vanderbilt fans – always resulting in a sympathetic head tilt and an “aw.”  So when he announced he wanted to go to a cookout with friends, I totally supported it.  HAVE FUN.  As for my plans?  Well I came back into town today from being at an AP English workshop for the past two days, and the thought of driving 35 minutes from my house to hang out with people (some of whom I am NOT fond of) did not sound like a plan.  Instead, I plan to spend my riveting Saturday night, cleaning out the DVR.  Since Joel cleaned up the house and cleared out the leaves, I think it’s only appropriate that I do my part to empty the DVR.

With all that being said, last night I was able to hang out with one of my favorite people ever – Jill.  She and I have been best friends since undergrad.  I find that our relationship was truly preparation for our future spouses since she has so many similarities to Joel and her fiance is my male clone.  Since they are both theatre people and love movies and such, some friends of theirs threw them an Entertainment Shower.  My initial goal was to give a cute platter and a fun cookbook, because the last thing I want to buy the couple who literally owns every movie ever – is a movie.  I kept trying to think of my favorite game and after wandering the Target game section, I immediately thought of the one game Joel will play.  (Just for reference – he HATES all things board games involved and I LOVE them).

best game EVER

Some of our dear friends introduced this game to us a few years ago and since then, it is the only game Joel will play whenever his family visits and we are all in a game mood.  It’s a great game because people can all just sit, hang out, watch the tv in the background (which is necessary during football and basketball seasons), and not have to devote 1000% to paying attention to a game.

The rules:

  • Dole out the dominoes according to however many people are playing (and you need more than 2 players to actually keep the game moving).
  • See who has the highest double domino.  Ideally you would start out by playing the double 12.  If no one has the 12, then you play the next highest number.
  • Now it’s up to each player to arrange their dominoes in their own little strategy to try and get rid of their dominoes first.
  • Everyone has to play during their turn, whether they place a tile or draw one.  You can only play on your own train or on the Mexican train – UNLESS someone draws, cannot play, and then places a (literal plastic) train on their (domino) train.
  • The benefit of this game comes out when one person decides they can start the Mexican Train for the entire group.  This is the freebie train where you can play on your turn.
  • Whoever runs out of dominoes first – wins!
  • The rest have to tally their scores according to whatever tiles they have left.  Then you shuffle them all, dole them out again, and start looking for double domino 11.

This game has become a staple after Thanksgiving and other family holidays where you want to hang out, but do a little bit more than just sit on the couch watching the tv.  Because, after Thanksgiving, every one squeezes into their fat pants and takes a nap.  Don’t even act like I’m the only one who eats myself into oblivion.  Regardless, this is the perfect game to play as you eat pie and get ready for the second round of food.


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