Cartoons are scary

Let me start out by saying that I loved reading Sarah’s post on the cartoons of our childhood now coming around full circle and being favorited by her young son.  Thank you Netflix for making this possible.

After I read her post, Joel and I started talking about our own childhood cartoons.  He didn’t watch as many as I did, seeing that he did most of his growing up in 3rd world countries.  He did things like play with sticks and rocks and create games for his younger siblings – one of which was titled “Jump over the generator.”  No joke.  I, on the other hand, grew up in a house with one of those monstrous satellite dishes in the backyard.  Heaven help my parents, because it’s still there.  Thankfully they have almost half an acre between the house and the dish, so it’s not too old school….sorta.

Anyway, we were lying in bed the other night and started searching for videos and images of our favorite shows.  I started mentioning how scary some of the villians were when I was a kid.  For example:




OMG, how scary is this to a 5 year old?!  Let’s be honest, it’s still a little scary now.  I mean, this dragon is terrifying.  My parents have a back staircase to the game room upstairs.  To get there, you have to go up winding (ok, so it’s not really winding – it just has a bend in it) steps.  If someone is in the gameroom watching tv, then there is a flickering light that shines down the stairs.  FOR YEARS I was terrified that if I ever saw light coming from that direction, then I would be transfixed into walking up the stairs and pricking my finger on the sewing machine.  It’s not like we had a spindle, so sewing machine was the next best thing.  I didn’t go up those stairs for quite a long time…as in, I finally went up the stairs when I was a teenager.

Um, is that a bag of beating heartbeats around your neck?Ponies now equal evil dragons

 I LOVED the My Little Pony series.  In fact, my parents started taping the episodes just so I could watch the [same] ones over and over again.  But – HELLO – can we look at the scary centaur with horns and a bag of heartbeats around his neck.  I remember he sat there and just stroked the bag as it sat on the arm of his chair.  Creepy.  After he captured the ponies, he would open the bag and the “darkness” would transform the cute little ponies into those terrifying dragons.  Thankfully, the ponies all ended up alright in the end.  I found this entire episode on youtube and started watching the other day.  I’m a little confused as to how I still remember most of the words and songs and yet, I can’t remember things that happened last week.


ANYTHING WITH WITCHES.  At my parents house, at the top of the second floor (where all the bedrooms are) is a little hallway leading to two bedrooms and a game room.  My bedroom/bathroom is to the right and the area opens to the foyer below.  My parents’ bedroom is to the right of the staircase.  In order to get to my parents room, I had to run down the hall, past the hall to the game room, and then into my parents’ room.  Mom always put a nightlight at the end of the gameroom hall and there was another lamp that stayed on all night in the foyer.  I was SURE that there were witches living at the end of the hallway at night.  I would run past the hall opening so that I would be too fast for them to catch my little kid self.  My mom always asked if I ever saw a witch down there, and I remember blankly looking at her and informing her no, considering I have never looked down the hall (because if they see you – they get you).

It’s been 20 years since I’ve seen all these movies and I still remember it like it was yesterday.  There’s no telling what this child of mine will end up being scared with.


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