A Selfish Black Friday

Usually on Black Friday, everyone does Christmas shopping for their families.  I guess this truly gives a sense of accomplishment to those who feel the need to complete their Christmas shopping by December.  Make no mistake – I am not that person.

In fact, Joel and I did go Black Friday shopping.  We aren’t opposed to the craziness of shoppers, but we are pretty adamant about not doing the whole “save $10 on a toaster” deal that Walmart and other big box stores put out there.  Believe me when I say that I’d rather pay an extra $20 to not deal with the traffic, parking, lines, and (honestly) the possibility of the item being out of stock.  I worked retail for a few holiday seasons when I was in high school and college and I remember VERY CLEARLY how insane people became.  A woman actually threw her credit card at me, which hit my chest and bounced to the counter.  I was speechless.

ANYWAY, back to the happiness that was this last Black Friday.  Joel and I were in Memphis visiting my family.  While we were there, Joel wanted to go to the Eddie Bauer store.  It’s one of his favorite places to get clothing and whenever we are in Destin, we go a little crazy at the outlet.  It’s where he gets all of his nice work clothes, so it’s definitely a place where I’m totally ok with good money being spent on crazy high quality clothing.  We headed out (with Joel’s brother in tow) around 9 am.  He dropped me off at Anthropologie (which was in the same outdoor shopping center) and then went to Eddie Bauer. 

Y’ALL.  Anthropologie was having a 50% off sale items sale.  Considering all of the items on their sale racks are already 50% off – well this deal just became ludicrous.  **Must admit that when typing that previous word, I spelled it like the rapper spells his name. Sad.**  I have to share some of the beautiful finds I scored.

I found 3 super cute dish towels.  I think getting older makes me a little more lame as to what I get excited about, but whatever.  They are fun, vibrant, and have a lot of personality. 

Then I snatched up 2 metal necklaces (each originally priced at $45).  Truly this was my impulse buy because I was just standing there next to the jewelry when I was waiting in the line.  It would have been a shame not to buy them.

I randomly found a little canvas apron with flowers all on it which would be perfect for a little girl, which conveniently is what I’m having.  SO, I got it.  Seriously though, it was $6 and probably the only thing she’ll ever own from there until she’s old.  Solid justification as far as I’m concerned.

But the prize for best purchase must go to this:

My new favorite coat
with the most gorgeous back

I walked in and immediately grabbed this stunning coat off the sale rack and got REALLY excited when I realized that even though it was originally priced at $200, I was about to buy it for $50.  The corset in the back is beautiful and the front flows perfectly.  Granted, I won’t be able to wear it too much longer (because it has a little trouble buttoning in the front – but it’s not like I’ll always be pregnant so it’s like a gift that give back to me again next winter) but I’m going to try. 

All in all, I calculated my savings and figured out that I got $370 of merchandise (granted, YES their clothes are ridiculously expensive to begin with) for $109.60.  Did I mention I had a $100 gift card?  I ran my debit card for $9.60.  Best ten bucks I’ve ever spent.  So my Black Friday was pretty awesome.

 Did anyone out there actually finish all of their shopping needs in the midnight madness?


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