TODAY – well it’s a good day

This December 14 started out like most days, except I had to take the glucose test this morning.  Thankfully, I was able to take a half day at work, which allowed me to sleep until a whopping 7:00.  Granted I had a baby kicking me starting around 6 am, so sleeping in wasn’t really happening, but it sure was nice to just lie there and be lazy.  My glucose and iron levels were great! The only not-so-great piece of news was the realization that I have gained 8 lbs in the past month.  So…no wonder I’ve been feeling huge.  Thankfully, my doctor is awesome and told me that as long as I’m staying healthy, she isn’t going to chastise me about the weight gain.

I headed to school for my half day and showed up just in time to teach my other AP class and go to lunch.  Thankfully, I made a little phone call and ended up talking to the investigator of my missing ring case for an update.  He told me that the DA’s office is backed up for TWO YEARS and he just cannot make me go without my engagement ring for two years.  I almost cried.  He told me to give him until after lunch (which conveniently is when my class ended) and he would meet me at the precinct with my jewelry.  Because I have a great boss, he let me go early to retrieve my belongings.

I had forgotten what my ring looks like on my hand.

It is so perfect that I got the ring back today because on December 14, 2007 Joel proposed to me in Chicago.  Today – well, today was a good day.

The day after we were engaged (2007)


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