The future of technology

Last week, Joel and I had the 4D ultrasound pictures.  Friends kept telling us how much we would wish we had them and that they are worth every penny.  You have to pay a separate fee for the pictures, which I didn’t think was too much to ask considering I haven’t paid hardly anything during all of my prenatal visits.  We get all lined up for the technician and low and behold, it was one of the most fascinating things we’ve ever done.  I am SO GLAD we did these pictures!  I am so excited to meet this little girl (yes, it’s a girl – I had them check AGAIN which Joel thought was ridiculous).

Here is the picture that resembles Joel.  Notice the furrowed brow and how she seems to be burdened by all of her hardships.  (Not that Joel really has a ton of hardships, but out of the two of us, he’s definitely the serious one).

This is the photo that I believe will best describe her personality.  Do you see the LET’S PARTY Y’ALL written all over her face?  It makes me a little nervous that she’ll never sleep.  It is nice though because now I have a visual for all of the times she beats me up and acts crazy in the middle of the night.

And then there’s this sweet photo.  Look at her sleeping!  It gives me hope that YES, she will sleep in between all of her partying.  Joel says this is exactly what I look like when I’m sleeping (and no, I don’t find that to be creepy considering I sleep all the time these days).

I assume she will come out looking like Joel but for now my lips have pwned (like my video game lingo?)  his lip genetics.  A friend of mine said that her 4D ultrasound looked identical to her but then she gave birth to her husband’s clone.  Either way, she is healthy and seems to be having a good time.  I’m hoping she has this same pleasant disposition in real life also.  OH and if they are getting these types of pictures in 2012, what in the world will be available in 2037?


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