Too Stunned for Words

Apparently my dog has a conscience.

This is Cash.

We’ve had Cash since he was a little puppy.  While he looks ferocious and terrifying, he is one of the best dogs I’ve ever known.  He’s ridiculously smart and I swear that sometimes he understands complete sentences.  Though he may drive me crazy, we would never get rid of him.

This is Gracie.

She is our sweet rescue dog we adopted last spring.  She’s also a full bred Doberman, but unlike Cash, she has a pretty rare color to her.  Gracie is extremely gentle and would be a lap dog if she didn’t weigh 80 lbs.

Every day, Cash and Gracie hang out together usually outside in their dog house.  But sometimes if it’s going to be a monsoon or it’s really cold (they are super sensitive to cold temperatures since they don’t have any fat on their bodies, even though Gracie wears a coat for half of the year), we leave them in our laundry room.  For awhile, Cash started going mental in there – barking like crazy and jumping high enough to push open the small window.  He only does this when Gracie goes to the bathroom in the house.  Now, Gracie isn’t the best at potty training since it’s been cold.  She thinks that if she goes inside that we won’t make her go outside.  And oh, how wrong she is! 

Yesterday, Joel left the dogs inside because we had some roofers coming to check out some damage, as well as the heater repairman to fix a part on our unit.  Joel pulled up and noticed that Cash was barking at him through the gate. 

“Hmm, that’s odd.  Guess Courtney came home and let the dogs out.”

He then notices that only Cash is standing outside.  Joel looks up and sees that the window to our laundry room is open. 

What the….Could he have…NOOOOoooo….

Turns out, Cash jumped out the freaking window.  The bottom of this window in our laundry room is about 5 feet off the ground.  The landing from the window to the ground outside is about 6 feet.  Annoyed, Joel grabs Cash and starts to make him go back in “his room,” but Cash is having none of it.  He is TERRIFIED.  Joel is literally having to drag our 80 lb baby by the collar to try and get him to get back into the room.  Once they get closer to the room, Joel realizes why Cash is so terrified. 

He pushes open the door to find poop all in the corner and smooshed up underneath the door.  Doggy Fail.

After piecing everything together, the only result we can come up with is that Gracie pooped in the room.  Cash has a mental breakdown (he’s done that before when she’s gone to the bathroom in the house when we haven’t been home), covers up the poo with their blanket (maybe if you can’t see it, we can pretend it doesn’t exist!) and LEAPS OUT THE FREAKING WINDOW. 

This dog has a conscience better than most of the teenagers I teach. 

I sat there laughing as Joel told me this story.  Yes, we scolded them both for pooping and jumping out of windows, but I am just so shocked that this happened.  We’ve never allowed Cash to jump and can place small obstacles in his way and he will believe his life is over (even though he could easily just step over the stool).  Now all of a sudden, this dog is jumping out of windows. 

insert constant head shake here


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