Say my name, say my name…

Here’s your daily dose of Beyonce.  You’re welcome.

Last week, Joel and I were at our small group, hanging out and eating dinner.  I was in the dining room with the ladies and Joel was in the kitchen with one of my girlfriends and two of my other friends’ husbands.  Starting the conversation, Emily asked Joel what we had decided on for a name for the baby.  Last time they had checked, we had nothing. 

Lily” he says with a smile.

One of the husbands looks shocked at his answer and Emily, with a concerned look on her face, says, “Oh, I thought you didn’t like ‘Lily’.”

“No, you’re right…I don’t…I don’t like that name at all.”

The other husband chimes in, “Dude, you can name your kid whatever you want.  Don’t feel pressured.”  (He thinks that Joel is now changing the name of the baby based on their reactions.)

But I don’t like that name.  You’re right…I don’t like ‘Lily.’

Later, when we all gathered back together, Joel and his gang recreate this story.  I sat there, shocked, and then asked him if he knew the name of our kid. 


Yes, Joel – that is correct.  So every couple of days I ask him again JUST TO MAKE SURE he hasn’t forgotten.  We got the name with some help from Swistle’s Baby Name Blog .  There you can find our complete story when it comes to how the heck to name this baby.  We’ve definitely settled on Lila (even though a person from my church JUST had a baby and named her Lila also – grr) and I”m about 80% sure the middle name will be Elizabeth.  Once we are 100% on the full name, I’m going to email Swistle and let her know what we decided on. 

We’ve seen her face (thanks to the awesome 4D photos) and we have a name – let the countdown begin!  T-10 weeks!


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