Parenting Part 1

So Joel and I endeavered on our first “parenting” class this weekend.  I asked my doctor about which of the classes offered by our local hospital she recommended.  And because Huntsville Hospital was having a special at the time, I signed up for Parenting, Childbirth, and Breastfeeding.  Oh and all of these classes will be completed within a 2.5 week time period.  It’s like learning EVERYTHING on speed.

So we went to our first marathon session of our parenting class, and as we walked in I (vainly) was thinking “Oh I’ve GOT this.”  I mean, I used to be a nanny to small babies and children throughout undergrad.  I’ve been around kids my whole life.  4 hours later, I’ve got sheets of paper with notes scribbled all over them.  I love that Joel and I both took notes AS IF WE WILL BE LOOKING FOR THAT FOLDER COME TIME OF CRYING CRISIS.  Silly new parents.

So, though some of you may be more educated than I am about these things, here are some items I found to be the most interesting:

  • Formula has a 1 hour limit for you to either use it or lose it.  You can’t reuse whatever is left over. 
  • Sourdough bread expands in water so don’t give your small child pizza crust as one of their foods in the first year because it’ll expand in their throats.
  • If you buy a range of baby foods/expose your child to a range of different foods, you’ll help him/her not to be a picky eater.  This makes sense because I naturally would pick out food items that sound good to me, even though I’m not the one eating it.
  • If you make your own baby food, make sure you don’t season it as you cook it.  I always cook green beans with a ton of seasonings and probably wouldn’t have thought of this until I was trying to feed it to my kid.
  • It takes a baby 2-3 weeks to be able to regulate her own body temperature.
  • Don’t use diaper rash cream unless prescribed by the doctor.
  • Never, ever use baby powder.

I feel so smart.


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