A New Tradition – Sorry, Hallmark

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  Now, I know a lot of people don’t celebrate the Day of Love (“Why celebrate a holiday made up by companies who are just trying to get you to buy things?”  “I don’t believe in taking just one day to tell someone I love them.”), but Joel and I do.  We enjoy giving each other little gifts and just reminding each other how much we care about the other.

Every Valentine’s Day, I wait until the last minute to find a meaningful gift (which is hard to do considering Joel’s birthday is in 3.5 weeks) and then I stand in front of the card section at Target, trying to figure out which card I want to buy.  Of course, by the time I get there, the selection is slim.  Ok, and let me just vent that I HATE how expensive cards are.  Seriously Hallmark?  You expect me to spend $4 on a stupid card?  Even as I’m raging about it, I usually end up spending the money on them.

This Valentine’s Day, we began a new tradition.  Joel asked me a few days ago if I really enjoyed getting a card or if I just appreciated the message on the inside.  Immediately, I told him that it was the personalized message from him that I really treasured – not some stereotypical greeting millions of others are receiving.  We both decided that instead of cards we would write each other notes this year.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Y’all, my sweet physicist husband wrote such a wonderfully personal message that I found myself crying within the first few lines.  Granted, it doesn’t take much to make me cry these days, but the fact that it was so simple and beautiful made me fall in love with him more.  I’m wanting to save these letters we write each other in sheet protectors (or maybe some sort of scrapbooking thing) with them facing each other.  In 20 years, hopefully we can look back and see what all we went through and just recap some of those old memories.  Plus, I find it terribly romantic to keep a collection of love letters.  It feels so antique and classic, which is a nice feeling in our modern technological times.


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