I’m Ready

Famous last words. 

I’m ready to have a baby.  HAHAHAHAHA.  But – wait – I have gone through the Parenting, Childbirth, and Breastfeeding classes so techincally I’m about as prepared as someone can be who is told to hold a ticking time bomb. 

The second half of our parenting class was pretty informative as it went over precedures and good things to know about kids (vaccination schedules and other miscellaneous things like that).

We had the childbirth class this weekend and I was pretty disappointed in it.  I didn’t expect them to bend towards my preferences of how I personally want to give birth, but I was let down by how much “real life” experiences the instructor left out.  One of the best parts of the Parenting class was having this nurse give us her medical and personal commentaries.  Plus, it made the class more enjoyable.  This time, the woman didn’t really add any information that I wasn’t already getting from the powerpoint or booklet they gave us.  I did appreciate seeing all of the equipment used and knowing every possible senario of how this baby could possibly come out of my body.  I do have a birth plan, but I am not setting my heart and soul on it.  I’ve seen too many friends get too attached to their birth plans (to the point where it becomes dangerous for both mother and baby) and when they have to have emergency c-sections, they become devasted with their birth and really get upset at it.  Personally, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how the baby gets here as long as the baby ends up healthy and in the mother’s arms.  Would I like to avoid a c-section?  Absolutely.  But if something is wrong, then I want medical interventions.

I’m about to pre-register us for the hospital and go ahead and pay my co-pay.  We are definitely those people who like to get those types of things out of the way as early as we can.  Anyway, Joel and I are (technically) prepared to have a kid.  I mean, I did get a certificate on cardstock with our names on it.  Nothing’s more official than that.



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