I didn’t blog the entire months of March or April so here’s what happened in those months.


I spent the entire month stressing out about getting my sub plans together for my maternity leave.  Having a sub come in for one day is pain but having to plan out entire days for two months?  It’s stressful.  Thankfully, I have a great sub who I knew who would be completely competent no matter where I left off.  BUT, I still wanted to have things planned for her.  I planned out my AP classes (practically down to the  minute) but then told her she could take my 10th grade class and run with it so long as a few specific items were done.  It was nice being able to give her the freedom and knowing that she’d be great.  Then Spring Break came and I said good-bye to my kids and prepped for having this baby.  I saw The Hunger Games and I really liked it a lot.  Sure, it’s not as good as the book, but I didn’t expect it to be.  The entire novel is told from inside Katniss’s head, so unless they were going to do lame voice-overs, it was going to practically be impossible to really get the same emotional depth like you got from the novel.  That being said, I thought it was a great interpretation of the novel.


I was due to have Lila on April 4.  My mother-in-law flew across the world and landed in Huntsville on April 2 in anticipation for the baby’s arrival.  She was fantastic in cooking and cleaning and prepping for Lila.  As the days passed on, I started to get more and more antsy and it was wonderful having another person here to think of things like dinner and eating.  Besides someone needed to take care of Joel who was apparently falling apart at the same time.  He was much better at keeping his stress under wraps and not letting me know.  As every day passed, he got more and more stressed out about me and the baby and the health of both of us.   Anyway, I FINALLY had the baby mere hours before I was supposed to be induced.  I’m going to write a separate entry on that experience at some point.


My goal is to spend time blogging and making sure I have my own alone time.  It’s going to be something I definitely need while staying at home taking care of another helpless human being 24 hrs a day.  SO – new goal: blog during nap time.


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