Is this thing on?

**tap tap tap**

(blows dust off computer)

I haven’t blogged in 4 months.  And in those 4 months, I’ve made some pretty major life changes that I wasn’t really at liberty to discuss until they were in place. 

I quit my job early this summer so that I can stay at home with Lila.  Y’ALL, I was SO torn about this because I really loved my job.  I didn’t love grading papers until late at night but, that was just part of the job so I did it.  However, I have to admit that my life is much less stressful now that I’m staying at home.  I’m finding that since I am choosing to stay at home, versus not having a choice and being forced to stay at home due to lack of a job, that I’m much happier than I was years ago when I was in grad school and not working.  I fell apart for about a year as I was home all day and schooling it up at night.  Now, I find that I’m thriving a bit.  I don’t know that I necessary enjoy cleaning the house, BUT I enjoy having the time to do it.

I am still working, which makes me feel like I’m still using my Masters degree.  Alabama is still a part of a grant for the AP program, and they will be paying me to teach at Saturday prep sessions for AP students.  I am pretty stoked about this, even though the few weekends I’m working happen to coincide with the weekends Joel is either going out of town for the Auburn games or working all weekend.  This is leaving me with the stress of finding a babysitter and dealing with that, but that’s ok. 

SO, in my new job of staying at home, I’m going to start blogging more.  It really does help to clear my mind, and to be honest, I’ve missed it.


4 thoughts on “Is this thing on?

  1. I’m so glad you get to do what you love but still be with your baby girl! And if you need a sitter let me know. I’m sure Leah and Lila would get along well and I don’t work on the weekends 🙂

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