My Favorite Things: (Early) Baby Edition

I LOVE reading about what people have recently purchased and what products they love.  Whether it’s household items or personal beauty products, I love reading about REAL people using the products.  There are so many things out there and no matter how many Amazon reviews I read, it’s nice knowing that these products are being used in houses next door (theoretically…because I don’t have a clue what the people next door to me are using…).

ANYWAY, this starts off my post of Favorite Things: (Early) Baby Edition


This is the one item I cannot function without.  It sounds crazy – do I REALLY need a timer to tell me things?  Answer – YES. YES, I do.  The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer is one of the best gifts I was given.  Every time I feed Lila, I hit the bottle button.  It then times the hours until her next feeding.  This was AWESOME for the middle of the night feedings because when I woke up in the morning for the next feeding, I could barely remember my name, not to mention what time I woke up to feed the baby.  I was advised to feed the baby every 3 hours, which was forcing me to wake her up for almost every feeding, but at least I was able to keep her on schedule.  This timer was also great for me as I timed her sleeping schedule.  It was comforting to see the hours get longer and longer on the sleep button.  Also, this timer is what clued me in that Lila was transitioning to a 4 hour feeding schedule.  The great part about this is that it also has a night light (hello night feedings!), a switch to help remind you which breast to start with (if you are nursing your child), and it has this great 4th button, which I use as a medicine timer.  I have also dropped this numerous times and it still works.  When/if it quits working, I will be in my car on my way to the nearest Babies R Us (although it is cheaper at Amazon) to pick one up ASAP.  What I LOVE about this is that I am able to anticipate when she’s about to wake up, eat, go to sleep, etc. which really makes my life a lot easier.  Bonus – Joel is also able to take a glance at the timer and tell why she is fussing (time for sleep or time to eat), which allows me to go run errands or take a nap with no worries about the baby.

Yes, this monitor is expensive, but boy oh boy, it is worth every penny.  A friend of mine bought this and LOVED it.  Before we ended up buying one, I really debated about whether or not a video monitor was even necessary.  In the end, we decided to go with it and I am so glad we did.  The Summer Infant Monitor is absolutely fantastic.  I’m able to know exactly when Lila is sleeping, talking and hanging out, and when she’s talking in her sleep.  When she cries, I can flip on the screen and tell if she’s unswaddled or is frustrated because she can roll over.  We take this monitor with us on vacation because it really is light weight and easy to pack.  One of the biggest draws to it, is seeing how my friend uses it with her toddler who recently got moved upstairs and is in a “big boy” bed.  She’s able to talk to him through the monitor and tell him to quit playing with his toys and get back in bed.  Spying on my kid?  Awesome.

When you have a gigantic baby, those cute little receiving blankets are pretty worthless as swaddle blankets.  One of my L & D nurses advised me to “borrow” some of the flannel hospital blankets because they are MUCH bigger than those others I had.  Soon, those became too small.  Not only that, but my baby was sweating through them and was waking up all sweaty and wet in the mornings.  So I splurged and bought the aden + anais blankets, even though I was a little nervous about the price tag for blankets.  These blankets are magic.  They are huge (a little bigger than the ones found at Target and Babies R Us actually) and completely are able to swaddle Lila even as she approaches the 6 month mark.  They are extremely soft and only get softer as I wash them.  I also love that there are four of them because I can have her sleeping in her swaddle while washing the others.  Because the blankets are so light weight, I used them all summer to tuck Lila in when she was sleeping in the car seat OR as a car seat cover when we would go places and I didn’t want people to talk/touch her.  There are so many prints and patterns that I love, and I know I’ll have to get another set with the next baby because Lila will probably wear these out in the next few years.

This sleep positioner was given as a hand-me-down and I adore it!  I wanted one but couldn’t ever find one at Babies R Us or Amazon, but this is because I didn’t know what in the world they were called.  This is the Munchkin Cool Flow Back Positioner, which is apparently discontinued (definitely saving this one for the next kid!) but I know there are tons of others out there like this one.  Before she was able to roll over on her own, we used this all the time.  Lila originally wanted to sleep on her side, BUT she needed to be swaddled because she was such a spaz and would startle herself awake if left free.  We swaddled her and put her on her back in between these triangles and she was instantly able to sleep anywhere – the bassinet, crib, couch, bed, etc.  Whenever we traveled to people’s houses for a day or late night out, we would take the positioner.  We could lay Lila on any bed with complete assurance she wouldn’t go anywhere.

So these are the items I desperately needed for the first few months and would make awesome shower gifts to anyone having a baby any time soon.


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