The Joke’s on Me

So when Joel quit his job and was at home for about 6 weeks, I was SO SURE that I was going to have so much free time.  Time to blog, sew, embroider – shoot, maybe even pick up a book.  But instead, I did none of those things.  Whenever Lila went down for a nap, we found ourselves just hanging out and watching tv, which was awesome.  It was like I had no responsibilities!  No chores!  The kitchen never needs to be cleaned!  Eh, that reality check was fun.  Our laundry piled up because I don’t do laundry on the weekends.  Instead, I start it Monday when Joel goes back to work.  But he never went back to work.  It was like an ever lasting weekend.

And then we moved.  I have to say I was really impressed with North American Van Lines.  They came in on Tuesday with about 6 guys and packed our entire house up in about 6 hours.  They came back on Wednesday and loaded up all the boxes in about the same amount of time.  It’s shocking how much stuff we had.  There was a tractor-trailer sitting outside our house slowly but surely being filled.  Naive me was like “Um, so I guess a typical moving van won’t work?”


It’s amazing how much stuff we had.  Unfortunately, we didn’t really go through and throw stuff out before they came so we’ve been doing a lot of that since we started unpacking. We had very little damage to our stuff.  I think our only casualties were a wine glass and a few other little items like that.  Our giant headboard did get damaged, but they are sending a repairman to fix it.  I’ve heard good things about their guarantee of delivering your furniture undamaged or fixing it if they damage it.  When we showed them the damage, they easily acknowledged the damage and told us to call their people.  I was glad we didn’t have to argue our way into that, you know?

We moved our 3 bedroom, 2100 sq ft house into a 6 bedroom, 4200 sq ft house up here in Indiana.  The rental house is huge, mainly because they were the only people willing to rent to a family with 2 large dogs for only 6 months.  Shockingly, we’ve filled up most of this split level house.  The house is oddly designed and chopped up.  I thought rooms would be left empty but surprisingly, we have most everything filled up.  One of the other perks about it, is the family who owns this house left their “movie room” furniture.  All we had to do was supply the tv.  Um, yes, please!  I’ve never really understood why people love having home theaters in their houses and have doubted how often these rooms would be used but NOW I KNOW.  I GET IT.  And I love it.

So now Joel is back working full time and it’s just me, Lila, and my (sometimes annoying) dogs.  I’m doing my best to stay positive about moving to a place where we know absolutely no one.  I mean, after all, this is what happened when we first moved to Huntsville.  Five years later, we were heartbroken to leave our friends.  I’m hopeful that we will have those same feelings when we move again.


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