New TV Shows I Can’t Get Enough Of

After being really disappointed last spring when some of our television shows were canceled, Joel and I made an effort to start liking shows that weren’t new or in their first season.  That way we couldn’t get too involved and then have it canceled on us at the last minute (*ahem* “Awake”). SO, here are some of the shows that we really got into this year.


parenthood cast

courtesy of NBC

I watched the first episode or two of this show years ago when it first came on tv, but I guess I just forgot about it.  I do remember liking the little bit that I watched, but not enough to really get involved.  The entire series so far is on Netflix, with the exception of this latest season.  Whenever laundry needed to be folded, I would just saddle up on the couch, fold my laundry, and watch Parenthood.  Soon enough, all of the clothes, towels, and sheets were completely clean.  I became slightly addicted to the Braverman family and NEEDED to know what happened to them next.  The writing is clever and heartwarming and the characters all seem like people I know.  The funny thing is – Joel isn’t really into this show.  That’s because on the first episode, the oldest brother was running around, putting out fires.  Joel started getting stressed out watching Adam Braverman getting stressed out, and started saying something about this being his life.  The season 4 finale was a few weeks ago, and apparently it’s up in the air as to whether or not NBC will renew Parenthood.  If they don’t, then I apologize for getting this show canceled.

Game of Thrones

courtesy of HBO

courtesy of HBO

This show – man.  SO. Good.  This  might be Joel’s favorite show we watch now.  I guess it can be described as fantasy but it doesn’t seem silly, which is what I associate with the word “fantasy.”  This series is actually based on a novel series, but I don’t plan to pick up the books any time soon.  There are so many characters in this that without the visual reminders, I couldn’t keep the characters straight.  I can barely do that with the visuals as it is.  I love how creative this story line is – constantly taking new turns and twists that are unexpected.  Oh, my favorite part of this show?  They feel absolutely zero allegiance to their characters.  Meaning, they will kill off anyone at any given time.  The story line is addicting, so we were grateful both seasons were on On Demand so we could watch it immediately.  Season three starts at the end of March.


courtesy of Showtime

courtesy of Showtime

Who would have thought to give Clare Danes her own show??  Honestly, she was the reason I initially didn’t want to watch this show even though I was intrigued by the concept.  After watching the first two seasons, I am completely addicted to this show.  In fact, I believe I would be an awesome asset at the CIA.  While I love this show, sometimes it really scares me – and not in a “Walking Dead zombie pop out” kind of scare, but a “holy crap this stuff is going on in real life” kind of way.  There are crazy people in our world who have no qualms about killing others (as we’ve seen lately in the news).  Scary.  Anywho, this show is wonderfully written and edited in such a way that I cannot wait for the next episode.  Plus Mandy Patinkin is in it (it blew Joel’s mind that this is Inigo Montoya) so that’s reason enough to watch.  It’s obvious after watching this why it wins all the awards.

So that’s what I’ve been watching this season.  What else am I missing out on?


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