Summer is

Summer is not knowing what day it is (And even though I haven’t experience that wonderful relaxed feeling too many times this summer, it will always remain my favorite summer feeling).

Summer is grilling out, eating fresh vegetables, and loads of fresh fruit preferably from the Farmer’s Market

Summer is coming in from the heat and drinking fruity drinks.

Summer is staying up late and hanging out with friends.

Summer is enjoying the screened in porch.

Summer is bare feet and painted nails.

Summer is playing with sidewalk chalk (they make GLITTER chalk!’t toxic, right? Because my kid wants to eat it, which is such a buzz kill.).

This summer we bought a house and moved. We have Joel’s brother living with us and though I don’t always get to experience that “What day is it? What time is it?” feeling, I get to experience it vicariously through him. One of the nice things about summer is that the sun doesn’t go down until about 9:45 (benefit of living on the time zone line) – which is nice ( like when your husband and his brother walk to the neighborhood restaurant, drink beers, and then walk the mile back home. They have plenty of time!) even when you are convincing your toddler that they need to go to sleep when the sun is BRIGHTLY shinning. At least the sun comes up before 7 – which is a luxury I didn’t get in the winter.

Summer is the season that I never want to end.

(Prompt from Bring Back the Words Week 2)


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