…and I’m still here

I hate hate HATE that it’s been 3 weeks since I last blogged.  School is killing me.  I’m the JV Volleyball coach again this year, and I swear we are playing more games and tournaments than ever.  3 days a week we have games (usually involving at least a 30 min drive outside of town) and every Saturday we play in tournaments.  This has been going on for the past 2 months and I kid you not when I say that I can’t do this for much longer.  I am gone from the house about 14 hours a day, which (along with some other things) is leaving me in a constant state of exhaustion.  It all ends at the end of this month.  Dear October, I’ve never yearned for you so badly.

Enough whining.

Joel and I are attempting to go organic.  Geez, I feel like a snob just writing that, but let me emphasize the attempt of it all.  We buy green cleaners, organic milk and eggs, organic chicken, and usually aim for hormone free meat all together.  But I still can’t make myself truly give up all the yumminess that involves high frutose corn syrup.  I don’t drink soft drinks with it in it, but after watching Food Inc. so many times, I KNOW HFCS is in everything.  Literally – everything.  It’s almost scary.  But the thought of completely switching to shopping only at Earth Fare overwhelms me in many ways – not just dealing with the prices either. 

For so long, we stayed away from sugar and usually involved some sort of artificial sweetner (Splenda or Sweet-n-Low – which YES I know is bad for you but I cannot help nor will I deny how much I like it).  I keep reading how this sweetner is terrible for your body and then a few months later, it seems like the sweetner that was deemed acceptable is now going to end up killing you with cancer.

We eat a lot of simple meals involving fresh meats and veggies with some sort of carb (because I literally cannot function without carbs).  I want to make sure I’m putting the best nutrients in my body.  I’ve never been great at watching everything I eat, mainly because I’ve always been a smaller frame so I focused more on my size instead of actual food.  In college I could eat junk all the time, but I worked out enough to burn all the calories.  I didn’t really care what I put in my body as long as I fit in my jeans.

But now, things have changed.  So we need a little guidance.  What do you do to continue putting healthy food in your body?


3 thoughts on “…and I’m still here

  1. I’VE MISSED YOU. I am also yearning for October, because it means you will be FREE.

    We literally don’t buy junk. If we buy it, we eat it. For the most part, we’re doing well with that. We also keep an eye out for sales and will freeze organic meat when we get it in bulk. As far as organic veggies, we only splurge for organic veggies/fruits that REALLY benefit from being grown that way – basically, if you eat the skin/flesh of it, probably should buy organic. If you peel it? Not worth the $$.

    Also, if you can afford it, shop at EarthFare or Fresh Market. HFCS isn’t even allowed in the store, so you’re golden and don’t have to think about. (Also, the Kroger on Logan has a KILLER organic section.. surprisingly!)

  2. I really try to follow those lists of “dirty” veggies and fruits and base my organic/regular purchases based on that. So far, it’s working well, even though my Publix doesn’t really have a great selection of organic produce. And the Kroger by me – FORGET ABOUT IT. It’s the one on Drake and continually has spoiled produce out for sale. Gross.

    That’s good to know that Fresh Market doesn’t allow HFCS. I knew EarthFare didn’t, but was curious about Fresh Market too. Plus, FM is right down the street from my house so it’s a perfect match.Thanks for the info!

  3. keep at it…

    Eating healthier and ‘being green’ are more time consuming period. It takes longer to cook from scratch. It takes longer to hang clothes out to dry. It takes longer to clean with gentle green cleaners unless you do it every day which it sounds like your schedule isnt’ happening LOL

    Your mom (or rather great grandmother 🙂 wasn’t away from the house 14 hours a day…neither are the green / organic gurus. Old advice that’s stood me well? Do what you can where you are with what you have. Maybe concentrate on the food now…. later you can weave in more stuff.

    Now, I have to go grind my wheat… about 20 minutes per cup (whose dumb idea was a handpowered grinder?) know anyone who needs some upperbody workout?

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