I realize that this post is a few weeks too late, but things have been crazy around here with being out of town and then bringing my husband’s siblings back to our house for a week.  Now, a few weeks later, with the gang coming and going, we still have one brother here.  It would be so easy to be annoyed at another person in our house but I have to admit that having him is pretty fantastic.  He does the dishes, laundry, helps cook, and clean.  Plus, it’s nice to have someone at home to talk to, so I’m not always alone.


July 15 was the epic conclusion of the Harry Potter movies.  Weeks prior, I bought tickets (reserved seats, thank you very much Monaco Pictures) for the midnight movie.  The day of, we spent searching Dollar General, Walmart, Dollar Tree, and my closets for items in order to make costumes.  This was the last movie and, believe it or not, it was Joel’s idea to dress up and go all out.  So we did!

The biggest dilemma was trying to come up with different characters for everyone, including a brother and his wife who were traveling from Nashville for the premiere.  FINALLY, we came up with costumes and pieces enough for everyone to have something to wear.  Since we bought the tickets (with the intentions of everyone repaying us…yeah that didn’t quite work out…), the price for the car ride there was a costume.  Later, Snape (uh, I mean, Joel’s brother) said that we looked way better than the other people out there because we actually made our costumes, instead of buying them (like so many people did).

Butterbeer = not as good as real beer












So after we finished watching Harry Potter 7.1 and downed our butterbeer, we dressed up and headed to the theatre.  There were so many people dressed up and then there were so many people who were NOT dressed up.  I heard 1500 tickets were sold to that showing.  It was packed especially compared to the midnight showing back in November.

We show up, anxiously looking for the costume contest sign up only to find out that they did the contest at 8:30 that night.  Only 5 people entered.  Well, no kidding, considering the movie didn’t start for HOURS.  Annoying.

But then the movie started, the tears began to flow, and happiness ensued.

Note our awesome costumes:

We would have won any contest

Can you tell who we all are?

(L-R: Joel’s baby sister, Joel’s babiest brother (older than sister), Joel’s sister-in-law, Joel’s younger brother (the one who is married), a friend of mine from work, Joel’s young (middle) brother, Joel’s wife (hey, that’s me!), and Joel)

Yep, if you can follow that, then we can possibly make room for you in our family.


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